Current Year Orders

Last Updated: 29-May-2020

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21-May-2020 HERC/PRO-66 of 2019 HVPNL True Up of the Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) for Transmission Business and State Load Dispatch... Final Order, Dated: 21-May-2020
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19-May-2020 HERC/PRO-22 of 2020 HPPC Application under Section 86 1 b and Section 63 of The Electricity Act 2003 for approval of source a... Final Order, Dated: 19-May-2020
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24-Apr-2020 HERC/PRO-58 of 2019| HERC/PRO-13 of 2020| HERC/PRO-12 of 2020 HPGCL| Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited| Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited | | TRUEUP FOR FY 2018 19 MID YEAR PERFORMANCE REVIEW FOR FY 2019 20 AND DETERMINATION OF GENERATION TAR... Final Order, Dated: 24-Apr-2020
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22-Apr-2020 SUO MOTO Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (Standards of Performance of Distribution licensees and De... Final Order, Dated: 22-Apr-2020
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11-Mar-2020 HERC/PRO-52 of 2019 Navin Sabharwal, Unit Head, Jhajjar Grinding Unit Supply of Power to the proposed 5.0 MTPA capacity Cement Grinding Unit located at Village-Jhanswa, T... Final Order, Dated: 11-Mar-2020
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11-Mar-2020 HERC/PRO-41 of 2019 M/s Chanderpur Renewal Power Co. Pvt. Ltd. Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited, & Anr Petition under Section 42, 49, 86 (a, b & e), & 181 of the Electricity Act, 2003 read with H... Final Order, Dated: 11-Mar-2020
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06-Mar-2020 HERC/PRO-40 of 2019| HERC/PRO-1 of 2020 UHBVNL and DHBVNL| UHBVNL & DHBVNL | Petition under section 42 of the Electricity Act 2003 read with Regulations 22 of Haryana Electricit... Final Order, Dated: 06-Mar-2020
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04-Mar-2020 HERC/PRO-66 of 2017 DHBVNL Single Point Supply to Employer s Colonies Group Housing Societies, Residential Colonies, Office cum... Final Order, Dated: 04-Mar-2020
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04-Mar-2020 HERC/PRO-26 of 2019 DHBVNL Petition seeking amendments in Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (Duty to Supply Electricity... Final Order, Dated: 04-Mar-2020
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26-Feb-2020 HERC/PRO-69 of 2019 New & Renewable Energy Department, Haryana Petition for directions in regard to the Net Metering Regulations, 2019 for appropriate amendments t... Final Order, Dated: 26-Feb-2020
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